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Message Wales joins the board

Message WalesMessage Wales has just joined the Gweini Board, and will be represented by a new Gweini Vice-President, Femi Ashiru.

Message Wales (formerly Ignite) works with local churches to bring The Message’s dynamic mix of creative mission, community transformation and Christ-centred enterprise to Wales. In February, Message Wales announced the appointment of Femi as its first Eden team leader in Tremorfa, Cardiff.

Femi AshiruFemi hails from Stockwell in London. He is a talented musician, rapper and youth worker. While at Stockwell, he and a group of friends began to reach out to the local community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through the medium of rap and hip-hop. They built a studio within their church where they created and recorded the music. Then he met and married Sian, who was studying in Carmarthen, and they spent seven years in Carmarthen together.

Eden is a partnership between local churches and teams of dedicated youth workers, committed to making a difference to the places where they live. Its teams move into neighbourhoods with high levels of crime and antisocial behaviour, to bring the love of Jesus and the hope of transformation. Its mission statement is: Sharing the Truth of Christ; with Compassion for all people; using our Creativity; for the good of the Community.

Find out more about Message Wales here and about Eden here.

To contact Femi email

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