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Violence Against Women

In 2013, one of Gweini’s primary focuses will be on raising awareness of violence against women. It is a huge issue that is not limited to domestic violence and rape but encompasses other forms of non physical forms of abuse such as emotional, psychological and all kinds of neglect. Gweini aims to provide a platform that questions the structures that encourage the objectification of women and highlight issues that disproportionately affect women. 

As part of our commitment we will:

  1. Provide clear channels of multi sector help lines and support networks to encourage women who have suffered any kind of violence to get help
  2. Provide online resources for church leaders on step to step responses to  victims of abuse and violence
  3. Have examples of Christian projects that are combating violence against women in various ways
  4. Post articles and blogs on various aspects of violence against women from Christians from different backgrounds

Frequently asked questions

  • What is violence against women?
  • Why are we making it a priority?
  • How can we identify violence against women in churches?
  • How does the Church respond to violence against women effectively?
  • What structures are in place to identify violence and rehabilitate both victim and abuser?
  • What about men? Shouldn’t it include men as well?

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