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Waterfront Community Church, Swansea (Sept 2007)

Press Release 09/07

A pastor's dream of moving his church from a dilapidated building due for demolition to a new state-of-the-art centre turned into reality thanks to a committed congregation and generous community.

Arnallt Morgan, minister of the recently re-housed and renamed apostolic Waterfront Community Church has seen his church blossom in the wake of its significant move to a purpose built £1.25million centre in Swansea's growing SA1 development.

The 47-year-old leader and his congregation raised more than £360,000 towards the mammoth building project and also received help from charitable trusts and the Welsh Development Agency.

Mr Morgan, who has seen his church grow from 30 to more than 100 people since 1998, said the new building has become a real centre of community activity.

"We moved to the new building on 1st July 2006, so we're coming up for our first year's anniversary which we will be marking with a special celebration," he said.

"We have been in Swansea since 1920 in various buildings, but we desperately needed to move out of our old building, the former Eddershaws on St Helen's Road.

"If we hadn't have been given the new premises we would have had to spend a few thousand on just bringing it up to standard.

"God wonderfully opened a door for us, and working with the WDA, who wanted a community building as part of the new SA1, we managed to raise the money selling our old building, which was then promptly demolished, and through other sources."

He added: "Since moving in, the congregation has grown, we have good relationships with other organisations who use it for training, and through our daily coffee shop, we have been able to forge friendships with many people from the community."

He added the leaders are now planning a summer events programme for the church and community, following some successful social events earlier in the year.

"We held a line dancing event on St David's Day which was really popular and well attended," he said, "And we run a number of social events as well as our Sunday services and weekday house groups.

"We've had different churches in town running training here, and even weddings!"

Not only regular members attend the church, but it is also an architecturally striking building which attracts tourists.

"The prominent position and beautiful design of the building has generated a lot of interest," he added, "We find many people who come to Swansea on holidays or business find it an easy to find and accessible place to come for a Sunday service, we had a good number of visitors and tourists over the Easter holiday."

Mr Morgan stressed that it was his committed congregation which played a huge role in funding and establishing the church in its new site.

"The congregation, which has a real mixture of ages and lots of young people as well as older, have been so generous in giving, and also very gracious and adaptable as well.

"We have quite a young, energetic style of worship and there is an amazing working together spirit between our young and older members."

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