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Going Public, Cardiff (Sept 2007)

Press Release 09/07

A SEX education initiative started by a Cardiff church goer has exploded into a vital schools and community service used by teachers nationwide.

Thousands of young people attended shows dealing with much-ignored issues of sexuality and self worth organised by church youth worker Paul Francis in the early 1990s, which soon developed into a charity in its own right - Going Public.

Going Public now takes its presentations looking at sex and identity from a biblical perspective to schools and youth clubs nationwide.

The charity has also grown two new functions in recent years, including a gap year for school leavers and a graphic design company.

Paul said: "We did a national theatre show and were overwhelmed by the response. - Thousands of young people came and it made us realise this was an issue."

"We did three nationwide tours with a theatre company, a video and me talking, and out of that we started doing schools work. We looked at the way the media affects how we see ourselves, STDs, self worth and value and reasons to say "no".

"We're still running 90 minute presentations to schools and also a theatre piece called 'In Search of a Happy Ending' which follows a couple's relationship in different scenarios and endings after they bring sex into their relationship after four weeks; four months; and four years."

"After the show we hold a workshop with the students to work through some of the issues."

"We have created other resources including books and DVDs and we're working with another charity called Care For The Family to put on presentations for parents of teenagers on issues of sexuality their children may be facing."

The Going Public gap year programme places high importance on developing creativity and leadership in its participants.

Paul said: "With the gap year, we do a lot of drama and creativity because it is a big part of our work.

"We are eventually hoping to place our young leaders on the gap programme in churches in the Valleys, where there is a lot of need in terms of church resource.

"We also train people throughout the year on various programmes. We have about 50 people being trained in leadership and mentoring on our various courses at the moment.

He added: "Our graphic design company, Going Public Design, supports our work by creating professional design and artwork for other churches and charities, which raises money for Going Public."

Paul and the Going Public leadership team are working closely with Glenwood Church in Cardiff where they are based. Their desire is to support, equip and resource local churches.

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