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Capel Seion Penmorfa Porthmadog 22/02/08

Many of you, especially the ones of you in smaller churches, must often wonder whether your church could ever acheive re-generation in your local church and community. The example of Capel Seion (A) Penmorfa near Porthmadog is evidence that this is more than possible. The church is only small with approximatley 30 members but yet has managed to re-generate the church building as well as the community which it's located in to share the good news of Jesus

When the church started in 1832 they created a constitution stating "the land and building shall be used for the public worship of God as well as other religious and philanthropic purposes." By taking this statement and bringing it in to the 21st century the church has been able to offer a great facility to the area by hosting concerts, exhibitions and various other cultural activities.

The church has managed to raise over £100,000 in under four years from many different places like the National Heritage Fund and Historical Churches Preservation Trust as well as by fundraising. This money has allowed them to transform their building, allowing it to become a facility which is extremely accessible to the local community and of which they can be proud of. Looking to the future the church hopes to connect with its community in which ever way it can in order to bring glory to God.

This highly commendable achievement is an inspiration and something that is achievable to all. Whether as a church today you're looking at a million pound renovation or maybe just a small grant to buy a pool table for your youth club, this example shows that it's possible through hard work and through different available grants to achieve the goal. As Gweini we hope to be able to assist in guiding you as to how to achieve these goals so that we can see more success stories like this in the future.

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