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Prison Fellowship sharing Godís love beyond the prison bars

Prison Fellowship - Taking responsibility for my actions*Adam’s story of hope

School days were certainly not the best days of my life.  At 16 I had no qualifications.  I was involved in an armed robbery when I was 18 and sentenced to 5 years in a young offenders’ institute.

I had dreams like everyone else but I didn’t have the education to go to college; the only thing I could do was sell drugs and I thought this was the way I could earn the money to buy my dream.

At 18 I had become a dad.  I saw my son now and again but to be honest I wasn’t that bothered about him. Mum and Dad tried talking to me but I was too arrogant to listen.  Then one day, when I was under the influence of drugs, I robbed a drug dealer of cannabis and a couple of hundred pounds.  And I assaulted him.  I was in the police station for three days.


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