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Priority A - Sport is good for the Nation

Recognising that leisure, sport and play are part of God’s holistic blueprint of health and well-being for all people and all of society, we want to encourage all levels of government in Wales to inspire and resource the nation to be a healthy, participatory one to partner with all who are seeking these aims.

Priority B - Sport unifies in diversity

The governmental responsibility to inspire and resource should be one exercised with equality to all forms of sport (professional/ semi-professional/ amateur/ social and recreational/ disabled and able-bodied/ male and female sport). In the nation’s sporting landscape a healthy balance between professional and amateur sport is to be aimed for, recognising that sport is about playing against others and playing alongside others in competitive and non-competitive capacities.

Priority C - Fitness, sport and child-poverty eradication interlinked

The goal of equality of opportunity to practise and play sport will mean policy makers needing to continue to see poverty, and especially child poverty, in parts of Wales as something to be strategically addressed. Strategies and policies to be developed that incentivize fitness as part of a child’s upbringing and its continuation into adulthood.

Priority D - A managed change to the culture of Sports–reporting

A commitment to influence all forms of the media towards a more positive culture of reporting on sporting issues, majoring more on examples of sporting excellence, of good, ethical, fair play, of positive role models and of inspirational triumph over adversity. Such a purposefully positive media reporting culture should be of the type that was noticeably more evident during the London 2012 games as compared with mainstream weekly media sports reporting. The lion’s share of routine media reporting of sports stories focusses on falling sporting heroes and unethical behaviour. Policy makers are encouraged to incentivize the media towards a good news culture of sports-related reporting and coverage.

Christian Context

Biblical material directly alluding to sport is relatively scarce .In the New Testament almost all the references to sport are to Greek athletic contests. The apostle Paul in particular often makes reference to the games and to competition. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the biblical writer draws parallels between Christianity and sport and highlights lessons for Christian living to be inferred from the experience of athletes of his day and age.  Given the relative paucity of scriptural texts, a responsible and authentic theology of sport requires a considered hermeneutic (interpretation process) resulting in sport being understood as:

A gift from God/ a part of God’s creation/ an opportunity for worship/ an opportunity to love one’s neighbour/ a moral and ethical testing ground / an opportunity for witness and mission / important but not all-important.

Not the source of an individual’s ultimate significance as a person.

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