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Older People


Priority A - Cultural Change

Older people should be valued as contributing members of society, and treated with honour and respect.

Review the effectiveness of The Strategy for Older People in Wales.

Institute a national programme aimed at all sections of society, including children and young people, destined to bring about a change in the attitude of society as a whole towards older people.

Priority B - Health & Social Care

Older people should have access to health and social care services that best meet their needs, including specialist provision for dementia.

  1. Ensure the provision of integrated health and social care services that provide the right care in the right place and at the right time to enable older people to retain control over their own lives.
  2. Implementation of an equitable and universal scheme for charging for care services which encourages people to make their own provision for homes and pensions on retirement.

Priority C - Enablement

  1. Older people should have access to information and support from a wide range of sources to help them live independent lives
  2. Support for faith communities to provide information and support to help meet the social, emotional and spiritual needs of older people.

Priority D - Participation

Older people can be a major resource to enrich their communities, and communities can help address many of the challenges older people face in relation to isolation and travel difficulties.

  1. Promote and develop initiatives that will encourage active participation by older people in social affairs that will enhance individual well being of the participant and enrich the experience of the community.
  2. Increase the range of community transport services that older people could access, particularly in rural areas.

Priority E - Resources

Some older people are asset rich but cash poor, and others have to live on very limited resources.

  1. Develop advice services that enable adults to plan for their future, their pension, and their housing needs.
  2. Develop support for older people who experience fuel poverty so that they can access the full range of services benefits available.

Christian Context

The Bible speaks with both hope and realism about old age.  It refers to old age as a time of glory and celebration, the fruit of a godly life (Proverbs 4:18, Psalm 92:14).  It also paints a much more challenging picture of old age (Ecclesiastes 12:1).  Both perspectives are reflected in our priorities.

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