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We are delighted to present you with the Evangelical Alliance Wales - Gweini Manifesto for the 2016 National Assembly for Wales elections. This manifesto stands out among voluntary organisation manifestos for its scale and the extent to which we have consulted our members. Certainly it is unprecedented among Wales’ faith groups.

The 31 policy papers worked up in 2011-2012 involved almost 200 Christians of all ages from all over Wales.

The consultation was wide enough for us to be certain that these views are representative of thousands of people in Wales

Although we haven’t included an exhaustive list of the names of the people who took part, many experts with a wealth of experience were involved, including former or present chief executives and government advisors, all independent of political parties.

The 31 groups produced the policy papers in one-off meetings independently of each other, and yet we see themes such as a concern for social justice, communities and the marginalised running throughout.

Some papers have to a degree, since the time they were written, become outdated: the excellent Human Trafficking paper being one such example, in this case having been overshadowed by the Modern Slavery Bill. Nevertheless, even these papers show the intent of evangelical Christians in Wales to engage seriously in the political process across a range of issues, including ones where Christians have historically been involved (e.g. homelessness and housing), and newer ones (e.g. climate change and the environment). We believe this demonstrates that evangelical Christians have a valuable role to play in Wales’ future and so it is worthwhile political parties taking the time to understand and to engage this part of the Christian church, which numbers in the tens of thousands in Wales.

The papers are good and worth reading, taking a long-term approach to societal problems and demonstrating the continuing importance of faith to modern Wales.

Yours sincerely,



Jim Stewart                                                                                                                         

Public Affairs and Advocacy Officer, Evangelical Alliance Wales                                  

Director, Gweini

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