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This unique contribution to Wales’ political process is intended for Wales’ political parties and the media. It is not our aim to champion any particular party since the Alliance’s constituency covers a wide range of political allegiance. Rather we are aiming to present a Christian perspective on a range of key issues to stimulate healthy debate as we all participate in the National Assembly elections in 2016.

2013 saw the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King’s unforgettable speech. In the book Strength to Love it is written of King that he articulated the goal of the 1955 bus boycott as ‘the desegregation of buses’ and its ultimate goal as ‘the healing and regeneration of the entire population’. A dream worth working towards and in King’s case one motivated by his Christian faith.

One thing is clear; everyone wants a great country and a government that will uphold justice and well being. This manifesto will help us think through issues that affect this outcome. To quote a prophet from 700BC we are ‘seeking the peace and prosperity of the city and nation in which we live’.

Elfed Godding

Elfed Godding


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