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Children and Young People

Priorities for Children

Tackling Child Poverty

Priority A - Providing for Children

Keep provision available. Make it open access but targeted towards deprived children. Not based on postcode so children can access breakfast clubs, childcare without it being dependant on where they live.

Priority B - Opportunities for Children

Make quality free provision available. Make it a funding priority. Make training available for volunteers and leaders to narrow ‘the gulf’ between free provision and paid provision giving greater opportunities for those that cannot afford to pay.

Priority C - Supporting Children

Give the voluntary sector help to work with and support children in poverty.

Priority D - Inspiring Children

Have provision available that will help raise the aspirations and confidence of children before they become teenagers to help them break the cycle of poverty.

Priorities for Young People

Priority E - Protection

Change pornography access to opt-in rather than free access. It needs to be made harder for teenagers to access.

Priority F - Sexual Education

Address the sexualisation of children and young people by developing sexual education in schools giving it a more holistic approach.

Priority G - Support

Provide funding and support for organizations that can help support and educate young people both inside and outside school in sexual education, self-worth and confidence.

Priority H - Building Character

Develop PSE lessons in schools so that they are an educational priority alongside academic lessons. We need to help children and young people become well-rounded adults with maturity, confidence, strong self-worth and character to help them face life issues.

Christian Context

Children and young people are important to God. We see when Jesus instructs his disciples to allow the children to spend time with him (Matthew 19:13) that he cared for, blessed and addressed their needs. The bible also explains how seriously he takes the welfare of children. Matthew 18:6 tells us that children and young people should be protected, that we should look after them and treat them with respect. We also need to educate and discipline them to grow into mature and responsible adults that can play a positive part in their community (Ephesians 6:1-4).

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