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Local Gweini

Map of WalesA Local Gweini Council covers each Local Authority and it is possible that one Local Gweini Council will cover more than one Local Authority.

The Local Gweini Council provides leadership and direction. It will deliver the National Plan locally by seeking to establish many Local Forums dealing with one or many of the topics below. The Local Forums report to the Local Gweini Council and deal with Representation and Networking.

Each Local Gweini Council establishes networking and representing forum groups of specialists with the aim of eventually covering all the following topics:

Old People, Pensions, Homeless, Soup Runs, Safety Partnerships, Prostitution, Ex Prisoners, Drug Rehabilitation, Housing, Unemployment, Children's Work, Detached Youth, Social Care and Well Being Strategy, Local Grants, Students, Art, Lunch Clubs, Credit Unions, Parent and Toddlers, Health, Equality, Human Rights, Charity Act, Overseas Work inc Christian relief and development organisations, Overseas Aid, Immigration, Drop the debt, and much more.

Local Gweini Web Pages:

Note that Local Gweinis can be contacted by emailing - your email will be forwarded on to the right person.


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