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Faith in Wales

Audit Report

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Faith in Wales Launch Gallery

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Audit Analysis

All reports are Bilingual unless otherwise stated

INDEX in date order    
Name of Analysis Description Date
Age Report [word doc] Church attendance by age (English Only) Apr 08
Christian Denominations List [word doc] As used in charts Apr 08
Activities Directory
[excel file]
list of activities by county
(English Only)
Jun 08
Churches Directory [excel file] List of Church congregations / parishes in Wales Aug 08

Local Audit Reports
See the Local Gweini pages

22 Individual Local Authority Audit Reports Aug 08


Audit Press Releases Only:

INDEX in date order    
Name of Press Release Description Date

Wales' first faith audit receives a third of responses in rapid time

Audit progress update Archive

Completed Audit Report Mar
UK Press Release Completed Audit Report Mar


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