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TLG: Transforming Lives for Good

TLG: The Education CharityTLG is a Christian charity that believes that education is a basic human right and that the Church, by being a loving caring community, can really make a difference, bringing hope to children who are struggling in school.

TLG aims to provide a second chance to all children and young people, and does this in two ways:  through its Education centres (supporting children who have been excluded from school or who are at a crisis point in their education); and through Early Intervention.

TLG partners with local churches to deliver a programme of Early Intervention, involving 1coach, 1 pupil, 1 hour every week for 1 year. In this way the coach is able to come alongside the child (KS 2 or KS 3) and listen and respond to their needs so as to re-engage the child with school and learning. At the same time coaches can offer to develop a relationship with the family, introducing them to the wider support of the church and to the hope and new life we have in Jesus.

Helping familiesTLG are seeing significant numbers of people choosing to volunteer one hour a week. The charity provides resources to help build relationships with the school, and trains volunteers to deliver an effective programme.

TLG has seen numerous examples where this has had a dramatic impact on a child’s life. Their Early Intervention centres have seen 70% of children feel more positive about school and 76% significantly improve their behaviour.Animated Characters

This is the experience of Ben as told by his Mum (Elizabeth):

"We adopted Ben when he was 18 months old. It was stressful from the onset. We were told his problems stemmed from deep- seated issues before we adopted him. When he hit other children, it wasn’t because he wanted to hurt them; it was a cry to be noticed. On the way to pick him up from school, I would feel physically sick. When Ben was in reception class, school threatened to exclude him if his behaviour continued. I was devastated. I had no idea what to do to change it. So when Ben was offered 1-2-1 support we absolutely jumped at the chance. Early Intervention has been a God-send. It's an absolute miracle to see how he deals with anger and solves problems now. For the first time I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. The teacher who’s known him the longest - and at his worst - said to me "He’s a completely different child. The change is absolutely amazing."

Situation in Wales in Spring 2016:

  • 1 Regional Leader in Wales (Huw Ellis) working 2 days a week.
  • 6 Early Intervention Centres (Partner Churches) linking with local schools and providing coaches to support individual pupils. Two of the 6 are new centres in the process of being trained and establishing links with local schools.
  • 1 of the new centres is a small rural Church and is taking advantage of Cinnamon Network Micro Grant for Rural Areas in order to fund the 1st Year of the project.
  • 2 Churches on the verge of becoming Early Intervention Centres.
  • Plans to expand the work into Cardiff, Newport and Swansea and to deliver resources through the medium of the Welsh language.


TLG would love to hear from you if:

  • you have a heart to support  children who are finding school difficult
  • you would like your church to become a partner and be equipped to reach out to the community
  • you would like any further information about the work of TLG, or become a prayer partner or Hope Giver.

Regional Leader for Wales, Huw Ellis

Email: huw.ellis@tlg     

Phone: 07962 223124

TLG is recognised by the Cinnamon network, and churches starting a TLG project in Wales may be eligible for a Cinnamon micro-grant of up to £2,000 – see


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