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Green Pastures Housing

Green Pastures, working with churches to provide homes.

Green Pastures, working with churches to provide homes.

From small seeds…

Green Pastures started in 1999 when Pastor Pete and Vicki Woodley responded to the local need of homeless people in Southport, cashed in small annuities and placed a deposit on 2 flats creating places of much needed sanctuary.

Grow great oaks…

Today Green Pastures offer more than 720 bedspaces every night to the homeless across the UK through 45 partner churches and Christian organisations. Stretching from Brighton and Barnstaple up to Glasgow, from Harrogate across Wales into Northern Ireland partners provide so much more than roofs; furnishing their residents with the love, care and support they need to see life-changing results: employment, families reunited and new hope in Christ.

In Wales Green Pastures have provided 26 people in Flintshire and 14 people in Bridgend with housing. If you’d like to partner with them to provide a transformational home for people in your local community please do get in touch HERE.

Green Pastures are able to purchase properties because people invest their money as unsecured loan stock in the community benefit society. For more details on investment please click HERE.
Green Pastures believe that by working together we can see homelessness eradicated in the UK; it’s a big dream but an achievable one, if every church had just one house all the homeless people in the UK would have a place to call home.
For up to the minute news do see Green Pastures’ Facebook and Twitter pages.
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