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Strengthening Family Life in Wales

Care for the FamilyCare for the Family is a national Christian charity based in Cardiff. They provide support for couples and parents as they negotiate the ups and downs of family life, through resources, events and training courses.

In today's society parents are under more pressure than ever before. Juggling home-life, work, finances, and a thousand other things on a daily basis, it can be so easy for parents to find that they unexpectedly struggle in their family life. When family difficulties escalate it can lead to fractured relationships and broken families.

Families are at the heart of our communities, and churches are in a prime position to be able to engage with them and really make a positive difference with local support. Care for the Family are able to work with churches to help them to reach their communities by producing resources and providing training for churches to run courses for parents in their locality.

Care for the Family training courses are fully accredited and are suitable for all parents from any type of background, and so many Local Authorities and councils are happy to refer families to the parenting courses that local churches run.

Working in the community

ParentingOne church in Gwynedd is using the training and materials provided by Care for the Family to run courses for parents in their community. Their parenting facilitator Siân commented: "Through this work we are trying to build bridges from the local church into the community. Our vision is to work alongside families and to support them and create relationships within the local community."¯

Siân got in touch with the local authority Health Visitor, School Nurse and Social Worker to let them know the church's plan to run a Care for the Family parenting course. She also invited mums from the mums and tots group to attend, and they ran Care for the Family's "Time Out for Parents" course.

The mums who attended the course found it a very positive experience, and they went on to tell other mums at the school gate about how it had helped them to become more confident parents. The positive peer endorsement through word of mouth, and the promotion of the course from the Health Visitor, meant that a second course was able to be run at the church soon after.

Siân said: "One of the main highlights of the course has been to see parents meeting up with each other, being honest with each other, and being supported. Parents from the group also have begun meeting up outside of the group time. One of the families of the groups here has started to attend the regular Sunday Evening Family Service and through this we are able to give them spiritual support too."

¯Getting Involved

Rob Parsons OBE, Chairman and founder of Care for the Family, says "We can do so much more together, than apart - and without volunteers like Siân the charity simply would not be able to reach the communities it strives to serve.

Care for the Family are actively looking to build a network of volunteers across Wales who are trained to deliver their Parenting courses. There are a wide range of courses for parents available in the "Time Out" series, including Early Years, Primary Years, Teenagers, Special Needs, ADHD, ASD and a course especially for Dad's. Follow the link at the bottom of the article for more details.

Care for the Family
Garth House
Leon Avenue
CF15 7RG

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