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Values and Vision



We believe:

  • the best model for a stable society, has practical demonstrations of love, care, compassion and acts of obedience, and follows the great command in John 13 v 34. "A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." We are committed to such biblical truth.
  • we should seek the peace and prosperity of our nation in accordance with Jeremiah 29 vs. 7 & 8."Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper."
  • our Christian faith and prayer is essential and strengthens our motivation in all our actions.
  • we will bring legitimacy and value to the Christian Voluntary Sector in the eyes of the entire nation, as we begin to change the attitude of society towards the importance placed on faith and biblical truth by the Christian Voluntary Sector.


We believe:

  • that all people are worthy of respect, without prejudice.
  • that serving our communities will be recognised, supported and valued by the widest expression of church.
  • that the freedom of people of all faiths or no faith to share but not impose their worldview should be respected.
  • we will be able to consult within the Christian Voluntary sector and ensure that we more than adequately and correctly represent their views.
  • we should encourage and enable employees and volunteers to achieve their goals, undertake personal development and training, be fulfilled, learn how to achieve excellence, grow by learning from their mistakes and to share their ideas. This will be achieved by building a workplace that informs, encourages, monitors performance, provides feedback, trains and rewards excellence and achievement.
  • we should and will adopt an organisational, management and leadership structure that facilitates and welcomes involvement from all staff and volunteers in the achievement of our vision goals, strategies and targets.


We believe:

  • we can, and will be focused - giving priority to the issues, which maximise the impact of our available resources.
  • we can and will communicate our work in a readily accessible format to the voluntary sector.
  • we should seek the highest standards of integrity, financial accountability and stewardship to achieve excellence.
  • we will be forward looking and constantly pressing forward to face the issues and challenges of tomorrow.
  • that we need to recognise, appreciate and value all our resources, including financial, and ensure they are properly used, cared for and managed. Accounting will be as open and accessible as possible, using current recognised procedures.


We believe:

  • that ensuring child and vulnerable adults protection, and health and safety procedures are fully implemented is of the utmost importance
  • it is wise to prepare an annual development plan and we will regularly monitor and review these strategies and targets making any changes necessary and desirable to achieve the vision goals.
  • it necessary to maintain a national organisational structure that enables a high level of input from the locally based Councillors and the National Council.

Vision Goals

  1. Effective Representation will result in Gweini being increasingly recognised as representative of the Christian voluntary sector and also, as a truly informed, credible and trustworthy voice by the Church, all levels of government and other faiths.
    • There will be nationally coordinated communications to ensure that there is regular contact and that the views of the National Council, both reactively and proactively, are fully reflected to the National Assembly Members, all political parties, National Civil Service departments and other National Public Sector bodies operating in the voluntary sector throughout Wales, at all levels.
    • Representing the Welsh Christian Voluntary Sector concerns to Westminster, European Institutions and the United Nations.
    • There will be locally coordinated communications to ensure that there is regular contact and that the views of the Local Gweini Council, both reactively and proactively, are fully reflected to Local Authorities Councillors, all local political parties, relevant local government officers and appropriate local Public Sector bodies, at all levels.
    • To be seen as a well known, connected, appreciated, valued and a highly credible player by the secular Voluntary Sector
  2. To be increasingly recognised as the main point of contact for Networking provision for the Christian Voluntary Sector, both those working at home and overseas. Also, it is to be effective as a key focal point for the networking development of mutually supportive, effective and growing relationships and partnerships within the sector.
  3. To provide excellent, readily accessible, regular and relevant Information about policy issues, fundraising, best practice and current developments in the sector.
  4. To aim for Excellence in all we do and seek to leave a very positive impression with all the ultimate beneficiaries of all our services.
  5. All Visions, Strategies and Targets must allow for and encourage Sustainability and Expansion where appropriate.


Gweini: Evangelical Alliance Wales working with other Christian agencies in the nation.
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