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National Board and Council

Gweini National Board

The Board delivers the Development plan approved by the National Council and undertakes the day to day running of Gweini. The Directors will ensure that the balance of effort regarding Representation, Networking and Information is maintained.

The financial, fundraising and compliance requirements of Gweini is the Boards responsibility.

Meet the Board...

Gweini National Council

The role of the National Council is to deal with National issues that are usually dealt with either by the Welsh Assembly, Westminster, Europe or the U.N. We wish to be seen as taking the lead in the Voluntary Sector as well as being seen as a valued contributor to society. There is a proactive remit as well as the more usual reactive responsibilities.

There is a balance of Councillors to ensure that there is, as near as possible, equal prominence is given to the three key Mission Goals of Representation, Networking and Information.

The Council provides the detailed remit for the actions of the Gweini Board to undertake in the form of a comprehensive annually revised development plan. The commitment to the National Council is as focussed as possible requiring the minimum number of meetings required to provide the necessary oversight and guidance to the Board.


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