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Wales' foodbanks - currently being developed in Wales by our good friend Adrian Curtis - were talked about recently in the National Assembly in a question put to the First Minister by Leanne Wood AM. The Trussell Trust - who started the Foodbank network - had no input into the content of the question and it shows the growing impact that Foodbank projects are having on our nation. Here is a transcript of the discussion:

Leanne Wood AM: The eradication of child poverty is a key aim of the Welsh Assembly Government, and rightly so. However, unfortunately, the recession is undermining much of the work that is being carried out, as more and more people become unemployed. It is a sad fact - it gives me no pleasure to inform you of it - that a food bank network has sprung up in Wales in order to distribute emergency food supplies to those who live below the breadline. Ten food banks have already been established in areas that include the Rhondda and Pontyclun in my region. There are plans to roll out more in the near future.

Jane Hutt AM: I certainly welcome the contribution that is being made by food banking in tackling food poverty. Clearly, we want to encourage the expansion of the food bank network. We fund the food co-operative network in Wales. In fact, it has received £450,000 this year, and every year since 2008. We have committed to that for next year. Therefore, there is a link that can be explored between the food banking network and the food co-operative network. I know that that link is being explored further.

Further stories about this discussion in the Assembly can be read in Leanne Wood's blog, the Welsh Icons website and the Daily Post website.
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